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Advanced encryption made simple

True end-to-end encryption ensures that only the owner can see the contents of the files
Simple design allows anyone to exchange files securely without knowing how encryption works
Exchange and access your files from anywhere with no download or installation

Trustwire gives you strong end-to-end encryption while keeping it simple to use. Trustwire is web-based, so users don't need to download or install apps, and they can manage or exchange files whether they are overseas or just down the street.

Security: Strong end-to-end encryption

Trustwire uses the industrial-strength AES 256-bit and RSA 4096-bit encryption to protect our users’ files and messages. We use end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the owner of the files can decrypt and read the contents. In fact, it is so secure that not even Trustwire has the technical ability to decrypt our user files.

Trust: Verified open source cryptography

Trustwire uses only trusted and verified open source cryptography libraries. Since security experts from around the world have thoroughly examined these libraries, we can ensure that the encryption algorithms are secure and do not have backdoors built-in.

Privacy: It is personal

The founding principle of Trustwire is to make security simple and to protect privacy for everyone. We do not track your usage, and we will never sell or give your data to anyone. Our technology ensures that you have full control over the files and messages you store on our servers.

The safest way to exchange files online

Use cases

F. Press, Attorney
Mr. Press is a partner of a successful law firm. His firm handles sensitive client data on a daily basis, and Mr. Press understands that it is his firm’s responsibility to protect the clients’ data at all cost. In today’s digital world, it is unavoidable to exchange sensitive files over the Internet, but existing encryption tools are either too difficult for the clients to use or simply not secure enough. Fortunately, Trustwire provides the protections that Mr. Press’ firm needs while keeping it incredibly simple that even non-tech-savvy clients can use with ease.

Dr. Lee, Physician
Dr. Lee is a reputable physician in the Washington, DC suburb. He sends and receives patient medical records on a regular basis. However, there is no secure and simple way to exchange sensitive documents with patients, laboratories, hospitals, and other physicians. In fact, many are still using fax, which is both inefficient and insecure. Dr. Lee learned about Trustwire, and now he can safely and easily transmit patient medical records without worrying about security. Since Trustwire does not require download or installation, he can communicate with virtually anyone.

R. Adams, Investigative Reporter
R. Adams is an award-winning investigative reporter, who had uncovered corrupted high-power politicians and criminal acts by large corporations. During her investigations, she often needs to exchange highly confidential files with her informants. Not only can Trustwire protect the communication between R. Adams and her informants with true end-to-end encryption, but it also enables her informants to send her confidential files anonymously using Trustwire's SecureLink, which offers an additional layer of protection to safeguard her informants' identities.

Email: What is wrong with it?
Email is the most widely used tool for exchanging documents and files. It is simple to use, and almost everybody has an email address. However, email was never created to be a secure communication tool. Hackers can see everything you send and receive, and even alter the email message. Your email service provider can analyze your email messages for marketing purpose. Worse yet, governments can monitor and analyze your email messages as if you were a criminal.

Cloud storage: Why isn’t it 100% secure?
More people use cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive to exchange files. These solutions are safer than email, but they are far from 100% secure. The fact that the service providers have full access to your files means that they can potentially analyze the contents of your files or share them with anyone if they want. You only have very limited control over the files you store on their servers.

Password-protected file: Why isn’t it good enough?
Tech-savvy users may password-protect their files using basic encryption technologies that come with document editing or file-compression apps such as WinZip or 7-Zip. Although the encryption algorithm may be secure, the overall process is not. The senders need to share the passwords with the recipients so that the recipients can unlock/decrypt the files. However, most people use insecure channels such as email and text message to send passwords, which hackers can exploit and gain access to the data.

Strong encryption tools: Why isn’t it for everyone?
Strong encryption tools such as PGP provides excellent protection to users’ data. However, such tools also require some degree of knowledge in cryptography, and they are often difficult to use and set up. It can be challenging to use such tools with non-tech-savvy users. Other encryption tools need you to download and install their apps, and this can be impractical for users who are traveling and have no access to their computers. It remains a challenge for many companies to balance usability, security, and accessibility when developing high-end cryptography solutions.

Trustwire: Well-balanced security and usability
Trustwire uses strong end-to-end encryption to protect your files and messages while making complex cryptography technology simple to use and accessible. You can exchange and access files at any time and from anywhere. There is no download or installation. Your privacy is our highest concern, so your data is always yours. We do not analyze your activities, files, or messages, and we do not create profiles of our users to bombard them with advertisements. At Trustwire, our primary goal is to make exchanging files online safe and straightforward.

Trustwire made exchanging files online secure, simple, and accessible

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