Privacy Policy

In the following policy, Trustwire refers to the service offered by Trustwire Corporation (the "Company" or "We") through the website (the "Service"). This Privacy Policy explains (i) what information we collect through your access and use of our Service (ii) the use we make of such information; and (iii) the security level we provide for protecting such information.

By visiting and using the Services provided here, you consent to the terms outlined in this privacy policy.

Legal Framework

The Company is domiciled solely in the United States of America and all hosting infrastructure is also located solely within the United States of America, and thus governed by the laws and regulations of the United States of America.

Data related to the opening of an account

Any emails provided to Trustwire through either our waiting list, optional email verification, or optional notification/recovery email setting in your account, are considered personal data.

Such data will only be used to contact you with important notifications about Trustwire, to send you an invitation link to create your Trustwire account, to verify your Trustwire account, or to send you password recovery links if the option is available.

In order to maintain the integrity of the service, Trustwire must take measures to avoid creation of accounts by spammers. This is because if spammers use Trustwire to send messages, Trustwire’s IP addresses can become blocked by major mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

In order to prevent the creation of accounts by spam bots or human spammers, Trustwire uses a variety of human verification methods. You may be asked to verify using either reCaptcha (or similar technology), Email, or SMS.

Data Collection

Our company’s overriding policy is to collect as little user information as possible to ensure a completely private and anonymous user experience when using the Service. We also have no technical means to access your encrypted message contents.

Service's user data collection is limited to the following:

Data Use

We do not have any advertising on our site. Any data that we do have will never be shared except under the circumstances described below in Data Disclosure. We do NOT do any analysis on the limited data we do possess.

Data Storage

All servers used in connection with the provisioning of the Service are located in the United States of America and wholly owned and operated by the Company. Data is ALWAYS stored in encrypted format on our servers. Offline backups may be stored periodically, but these are also encrypted. We do not possess the ability to access any user encrypted file or message content on either the live servers or in the backups.

Data Retention

When a Trustwire account is closed, data is immediately deleted from production servers. Active accounts will have data retained indefinitely. Deleted files and messages are also instantly deleted from production servers. Deleted data may be retained in our backups for up to 14 days.

Data Disclosure

We will only disclose the limited user data we possess if we receive notice from the United States of America government regarding a court order that is coming from the authorities we are legally obligated to recognize. While we may comply with electronically delivered notices (see exceptions below), the disclosed data can only be used in court after we have received an original copy of the court order by registered post or in person, and provide a formal response.

If a request is made for encrypted message content that Trustwire does not possess the ability to decrypt, the fully encrypted message content may be turned over. If permitted by law, Trustwire will always contact a user first before any data disclosure if permitted by law.

Trustwire may from time to time, contest court orders if there is a public interest in doing so. In such situations, the Company will not comply with the court order until all legal or other remedies have been exhausted. Therefore, not all court orders will lead to data disclosure.

Modifications to Privacy Policy

Trustwire reserves the right to periodically review and change this policy from time to time and we will notify users who have enabled the notification preference about changes to our Privacy Policy. Continued use of the Service will be deemed as acceptance of such changes.

Applicable Law

This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the substantive laws of the State of Maryland and the United States of America. Any controversy, claim, or dispute arising out of or relating to the Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the State of Maryland, USA.